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EASEE - Experiment Access SErvicE#

This is the main page and documentation for EASEE. The project is intended to provide a central access instance for all of my experiments. With this setup, experiment data can sit on the servers where it is generated without the need to push each run into version control as e.g. GIT. Furthermore, open access to all of the data is ensured, while providing a layer of security against external write access.




The api returns JSON objects or, if the correct url is provided, the requested file. Paths outside the pre-defined lookup table are not accessible, neither are sensitive files e.g. mlflow.yaml as they could reveal file paths.


You can get a list of all projects accessible with easee here or as JSON object using the following url:

All Experiments

By appending the experiment to the url, MLFLOW runs can be accessed. Again, appending the run id will show all artifacts of the specific run. Finally, to get a result, append the filename to the whole URL. This results in the following URL scheme:<exp_name>/<run_id>/<run_detail>/<file>

In case of invalid requests on this route, the status field in the returned JSON changes is different from success.